7 Squat Moves Strong Legs Better Butt

Why You Should Squat?

First, a few reasons.

A full body exercise like Squats helps to release testosterone which promotes that your muscles growth.

Fat Burning
When you do Squats regularly, you will encourage your body to burn more fat

Functional Exercise
Not just for the legs. When you do Squats, you utilize different muscles groups including abs, back, glutes muscles, hips, hamstrings, quads, and at the same time strengthen the core.

There are more benefits to encourage you to perform this exercise, like maintaining mobility, keep balance, improve your coordination, your balance and make your bones strong.

Squats are one of the more practical exercises. You also can squat in your office. Try number 3 “Chair Squat & Single Leg Squat.”

At this point, you know you should do Squats.

Here are 7  moves to upgrade your Squats.


1. Ninja Squat

Yous start position: You stand with your feet together.

Lift the right leg while your thigh is in a parallel position to the floor, bending your knee at a ninety-degree angle. Slightly bend your other leg. Lifting your arms to your sides with your elbows bent. Repeat with the left leg.


2. Power Squat
Your start position: Your feet need to be more extensive than the hip-width apart.

With your legs bend at a 45-degree angle point your knees out.
Squeeze your buttock together and tuck your pelvis. You need to lean slightly back; you will feel your abs contract. At a 45-degree angle bend both arms with your palms up to engage your arms muscles while you squeeze your fists.


3. Chair-Squat
Your start position: Your feet need to be in a standing position together.
Bring your thighs parallel to the floor while you gently sink down.
With your spine in a neutral posture tuck your tailbone and pelvis below while you contract your abs. Both knees should remain straight over your ankles.


4. Frog Squat
Your start position: Like a frog.

Your toes need to be turned outside somewhat in a little more than 45 degrees angle with your feet shoulder-width apart. Start squatting all the way down. Execute the entire exercise in this way. Move your hips down halfway and your butt up and down, repeats the move seven times with 7 seconds pause.


5. Warrior Squat
Your start position: Downward facing dog.

Open the backs of your legs with your belly in and your hips lifted.
You reach the right leg high. Remember your hips should not be open.
Keep your hips square and nice as though your foot stays on the floor.


6. Yoga Squat
Your start position: Hip-width apart with your toes pointing out and your feet somewhat wider.

In your Squat position sink down until your butt is a few inches off the floor. Push both hands together, with your elbows pushing at the interiors of your knees to open your hips.


7. Squat to Burpee

Bring your hand in front of your feet while you are squatting down.
Jump your legs into a plank position. Take your feet forward to your hands returning to a deep squat position.

Squat Variations

One thing to remember. You could do countless repetition, or you can hold a squat for 17 seconds, for seven times. Is up to you to perform the best way you feel.

To your health.
Stay Fit and Thrive.