7 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

You tried every single diet plan; you choose the healthier food ever. However, you are not losing weight. Plain and simple. You want results faster, but you do not see them.

The main culprit is your “tiny” bad habits that are interfering with your weight-loss goals.

Here are seven common reasons, why you are not losing weight the way you want.

1. Do not Starve Yourself

At the beginning of your weight loss journey, you become super emotional on trying to lose weight fast. One of the mistakes we make is that we think that if you skip meals, you will lose weight fast. The reality is that you will gain weight if you do that. If you skip your lunch, you will eat more at dinner.

Losing weight is a step by steps process. You know you want to see your impressive abs, six pack I should say.

So starving yourself is the worse you can do on trying to lose weight.

2. Stress ( Cortisol – Insulin)

Stress is the well-known culprit of why we do not lose weight. Not only stress make you fat, but it also triggers other health issues.
When your cortisol levels remain high, your body starts to store more fat around your waist.

When you are under pressure, for instance, emotional or life’s problems here come insulin, insulin is the fat storage hormone. So you are stress, your cortisol is high, and this triggers the insulin levels.

3. Drink Enough Water

Stay hydrated is one of the most critical aspects to live a healthy life. When you do not drink enough water you become dehydrated, and you are not able to lose weight, we all know drinking water alone is not going to cause to lose pounds quickly, but if your body is dehydrated, you will not burn fat efficiently.

4. Too Much Cardio – Workout Routine

There are many myths about cardio exercise; if you do only cardio training, you will burn away muscle and fat. We all know cardio is a vital part of an exercise routine, it boosts your metabolism, it also keeps you a healthy heart. However if you do too much cardio your lean muscles disappear, your lean muscles are necessary to increase the metabolism to burn extra calories. Too much cardio with the wrong diet makes you weak. Eventually, you will eat more and more because it increases your appetite, forcing you to overeat to recover your body energy.

5. Wrong Mindset – Not Properly Fueling Before Exercise

As in cardio above, your body needs to be appropriately fuel before an exercise. You should not be underestimated eating before a workout. You will be able to have more energy; therefore you will train longer and harder. If you do not eat your body will take power from your lean muscles, forcing to overeat after the workout. The type of food you eat before the exercise is essential to energizing your whole routine.


6. Not enough time to recover

Stick to a smart workout routine. Alternate different muscles groups every day, when you realize that afterburn and you are feeling your workout the following day, those days focus on distinct muscle groups. Do not do cardio every day or lift weight every day targeting the same muscles group over and over again. Your overall body, your muscles need time to recover. You will burn your muscles doing it that way, and your progress will be comprising. For example workout your entire body one day and the next day cardio, or a rest day. The rest days are vital. Your body needs to recover for the next day. This way you avoid your workouts to become dragging the consecutive days.

7. Eating too much

Overeating is one common reason you are not losing weight, one of the strategies to lose weight is that your body needs to run a calorie deficit, this means merely burn more calories than you consume. Don’t take to the extreme. Overeat doesn’t mean depriving yourself, a balanced diet is crucial in your weight loss journey. Relax, follow your workout diet accordingly to your weight. Dont’s stress your self.

Sometimes a weight loss journey is something that can be hard at some point especially when you want to see results immediately. Don’t be cruel to yourself. Remember losing weight is a step by step process.

Stay Fit & Thrive.

How Lose Weight when you weigh 200+ LBS

5 Simple Booty Workouts that will Give You a Bubble Butt

Every woman wants to have a bubble butt, a round butt, a more rounded butt. You name it. The next exercises will give you what you always want. With self-discipline and hard work, you will get it. So Stay focus, Stay Fit & Thrive. Enjoy.


1. Fire Hydrant In-Out

Get on your knees and hands on the floor. Keep your knees hip-width apart, palms and shoulder-width apart too. Keep your Knees at a 90-degree angle.

Throughout the exercise keep your knee bent and your back straight. With your hips still, hold your core and slowly lift your left thigh out to the left side of your body. Straighten your leg to the back as if you will do a kickback. Do the same with your right leg.
Do 10 Reps x 2-3 Sets.



2. Sumo Squats

Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Point your toes out somewhat. Squeeze your glutes while bending your hips and knees to a lower position into your squat or pushing your hips back. Engage your core and preserve your back straight and neutral. Draw your tailbone down to the floor every time. Do not hunch yourself over. Avoid pushing your knees forward. When you find yourself in the max lower form, press up to stand straight all the way up through your heels. Do 10 Reps x 2-3 Sets.


3. Butt Bridge

Lie on the floor on your back, bending your knees and put your hands by your side. Lift your hips off the floor, your back and shoulders should be straight, when you reach the top hold your bridged form for a few seconds. Then go back gently to the start position. Do 10 Reps x 2-3 Sets.


4. Donkey Kicks

Get on the floor with your knees hip-width apart, and hands under your shoulders keep your back straight and neutral. Engage your core while holding your right knee at a 90-degree angle, lift your left leg, straighten your leg to the end hinging at the hip, keep elevating to the top using your glute to press your left foot directly approaching the ceiling, hold a few seconds and squeeze. Do 10 Reps x 2-3 Sets. Each side.


5. Lunges

Begin with one leg out in front of you at a suitable distance to lower yourself down to complete the lunge correctly while maintaining your balance. Keep your shoulders, your back, and your upper body straight. Chest up when you lower yourself down, go as straight down as possible and keep looking forward. Do the exercise slowly. Do 10 Reps x 2-3 Sets. Each side.

With the exercises above you will feel much better knowing you will have your rear side strong and admire by your boyfriend or husband in a short time frame.

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To your health.
Stay Fit and Thrive.





8 Resistance Band Exercices Lose Weight Anywhere

Lose Weight, burn fat while you build muscles without weights. Resistance band or resistance training are famous for helping you get results in a short time frame.

Also, without all the fuss. One of the best parts of this exercises is they are so practical that you can perform them anywhere, even when you are traveling.

Ladies get ready for a full body workout to lift your glutes and slim your thighs, all of this with one piece or exercise equipment.

Strenght training workouts like this one are so versatile.

You will like them a lot.


Resistance bands permit you to create tension from every direction.

It let you exercise your muscles in many ways. It also helps you when you have injured yourself at the gym or are tired of lift weights or pain in your joints.

Let’s get into it.


1. Lunge with Biceps Curl

Lunge with bicep curl is the perfect way to work your lower and upper body. Also, it works your core balance and stabilization.

Perform this exercise with resistance tube with handles.
Step at the center of the band with your right foot and your left foot approximately two steps behind you. Pull up to do a biceps curl while you bend your knees into a lunge position. Do 10 to 20 reps. Repeat with the other side.


2. Lateral Band Walk

This exercise is excellent for burn more calories. It activates your large muscles group from the core and legs. It works the legs in two directions. You do a side lung during the exercise and with the resistance bands that you use below your knees. Take about five steps to one side before switching directions.


3. Chest Flys

Find a sturdy object where you can loop your resistance band around. Take two steps forward. Lift your arms into a parallel position to your body. Extend your arms forward, so the handles of the resistance bands touch but without locking your arms.
Return to the start position gently and repeat 10 to 15 times.


4. Glute KickBack

Secure one end of the band to a lower part of a sturdy object and wrap the other end to your right ankle. Keep your chest and head up. Your back in a straight position. Move your leg back and forward in a clean and slowly form. Repeat for 10 to 15 times.


5. Banded Clamshell

This exercise is excellent for stimulating your glutes and hips before you working out. Choose your level of the resistance band, and wrap the band around your knees. Lay down on your elbow, open and close your leg and while you create resistance with the band.
Repeat 7 times on each side.


6. One Arm Overhead Tricep Extension

Place your right foot slightly in front of your left one. Put the center of the band beneath the back foot. Bring handles synchronically straight up over the top of your head. Gently lower handles following the back of your head until your elbows bent in a 90-degree position. Retain your elbows close to the side of your head. Press hands back up overhead slowly.


7. Squat with Overhead Press

Step on the resistance band. Your legs need to be at shoulder-width, your toes pointed somewhat out. Move your hands to your shoulders, keep both handles of your resistance band to the back of your shoulder. Squat at the hips. While reaching the top, push the resistance band overhead.


8. Reverse Fly

Slightly bend your legs, keep your chest up and head straight.
Your elbows should be at shoulder height, straight the arms and your palms facing in. You pull around and back the handles, with a movement with your arms out in front of your body to straight out to the other side.

Resistance band exercises are a unique way to train your muscles on a daily basis; is a low-cost investment. You have many options to exercise your entire body with resistance bands.

You need to take into consideration this type of workout gear will not replace the dumbbells, however, is an effective way to build your body.

To your health.
Stay Fit and Thrive.