10 Lifestyle Tweaks To Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight is a mental game not physical. Sometimes the reason you are exercising is an emotional one. It has to be a conscious decision to change for the better and shed those 50 pounds.

What happens is that in your first two weeks of working out you drop 4 pounds, but you did no change your bad habits. Then you get discouraged; you lose track.

You need this lifestyle tweaks. Embrace the healthy habits below and regain your confidence. You can do it.


1. Eat More Fruit

Not only eating more fruits help you to become healthier. You will lose weight naturally when you pay attention to what you eat daily. Also, research demonstrated that eating more fruit make us happier. Fruits are full of essential nutrients. Some delicious fruits posses the combined benefit of being low in calories than others.

2. Clean Eating

When you change the bad eating habits, removing from your diet all junk food, by junk food I mean all the harmful artificial foods out there, and you start to focus more on eating right not eating processed foods, this action is called Clean Eating. This good eating habit will transform the way you look. Also, you will lose weight fast.


3. Functional Fitness

Functional fitness workouts focus on training all your muscles collectively. With this type of exercises, your body can use multiple muscle groups, lower and upper body exercises; it helps to promote your core stability.

A few simple, functional fitness routines could help to improve your balances, correct your posture making your core strong and without weights. One key point to have in your mind is you need to perform them moves rightly, is not necessarily doing many repetitions. Try functional exercises like single-leg squat, single leg stand, lunge, shoulder flexion, dead bug and the great plank.


4. Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is essential for living a healthy life. Those who have discipline and always have a healthy one reach their weight loss goals quicker than those who skip it.

Here are 4 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to lose weight.

  • Low-fat protein food

Hard-boiled eggs, lean slices of poultry or nuts is an excellent way to jump-start your day fueling your body with a healthy breakfast.

  • Green Tea

There are multiple benefits of drinking green tea early in the morning. Green Tea helps your immune system to run at optimum levels because it contains antioxidants beneficial for strengthening. It protects you from free radicals, a well-known compound in the body, and it also has heart-protecting plus weight loss benefits. Many types of research state that green tea speed the fat burning capacity of your body.

  • Vegetables

Try vegetables. Vegetables are good carbohydrates, adding the hard-boiled eggs will keep you energized the complete day. You can also use any mixture of herbs to use a more holistic approach.

  • Smoothies

A different option is Smoothies. Smoothies are delicious.
Choose a green smoothie for your ideal breakfast. You can try frozen berries; kale leaves romaine lettuce, celery, cilantro, dandelion greens, chard, beet greens or spinach.


5. Eat Fibre

Fiber has many benefits.

– Speed up your digestion
– Lower the risk of heart disease
– Maintain a healthy digestive system

Add to your diet more fiber-rich options like black beans, lentils, legumes, chickpeas. Consider including more fruit.


6. No Alcohol

Drinking alcohol cause you many health problems and is a progressive disease. It can significantly hinder energy levels. Consequently, it makes you tired or lethargic. You can not complete your workout routine. It also has no nutritional benefit. Therefore when you drink alcohol, your body wants to eliminate it.


7. Sleep Enough

Getting enough sleep per day is crucial to weight loss. Many types of research state that for an average adult the sleeping time should be between 7 to 9 hours per night. If you are excessively tired and lacking energy, you will be more likely to eat junk foods during the day, which can make you overeat, gaining weight in the process. Too much sleep might also make it difficult to lose weight, so you should not exceed it!


8. Eat Slower

A powerful way to lose weight is to eat slowly the food you consume. Every one of us is busy with the day to day tasks. To save some time we eat super fast our meals. This bad habit is making you gain weight. Therefore you will suffer other possible health problems. Make a conscious effort to fir the rate at which you eat your food.

Eat slowly help your digestive system, and help you to shed some weight. If you eat slowly, your gut sends a complete message to your brain that you are indeed eating. Eat right, chew your food right and then the signal that you are full arrives correctly. Treat yourself like a king and take time to eat.


9. Reduce Sugar Consumption

When you quit sugar intake or quit sugar from your diet is one of the best approaches to lose weight fast. Kick this bad habit; you will see results quicker. Sugar intake increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. There are natural sugar substitutes.
Try coconut sugar, stevia, raw honey, dates, or organic maple syrup.


10. Change Your Workout Routine

Do you perform the same exercise routine over and over again? You noticed that you do not complete the exercise like at the beginning and you start to feel lethargic. Your exercise routine leaves you weak and not animated, that means you are pushing it too hard for too long. It is time to change your workout routine.
That is is why is better to do a functional fitness routine, to force your muscles to make adjustments and will perform better.


Try Muscle Confusion

What is Muscle Confusion?

Muscle confusion happens when you change your workout routine periodically. It promotes your weight loss journey, overcoming a weight loss plateau. In this way you lose weight fast, burning fat, increasing your functional strength, this comes in handy with #3 way. Your exercise performance will enhance. You will be glad if you start this type of workout method.

Stay Fit & Thrive