10 Healthy Tiny Changes to your Habits to Lose Weight Fast

Break the Bad Habits

Bad Habits are not our friends. Bad habits make us fat. Stress us. Moreover is an obstacle in our life. However, you can change and will change once and for all.

Did you know you are one decision away to change your lifestyle? To change your bad habits, you need to be health-conscious.

When you are health-conscious, you will start to change poor attitudes, poor dietary habits, you will be more disciplined.

Decide yourself to change for a good reason, you are the reason, not for an emotional one. Why? You are looking to stay fit for you, not for somebody else. If you are doing it because you are bored or because something emotional trigger yourself to do it, you will fail. Make a conscious decision to start the change and be your new you.
So don’t start exercising for wrong reasons. The most important thing in your fitness journey is you. Remember it.

When you start to succeed at small goal every day, you will feel motivated to continue your fitness journey.

Start with tiny changes; then you will see results. Do you know it takes 21 days to create a pattern?

Let’s create healthy habits pattern together.

1. The 5 Minutes Walking

Many people cannot seem to find time to workout. If you are one of them, you should know that if you walk for 5 minutes, you will have many positive health effects. Just by walking you are performing a pure form of activity to improve your overall health. When you take a brief walk you are enhancing your mood; it helps you to increase your energy, you lose weight, lower your risk of heart disease, longer life.

2. Take the Stairs

Your friend lives on the seven floor. Go and visit her. 7 minutes of stair climbing per day help you to eliminate a few pounds if you do it regularly. Moreover, that is a great excuse to visit her.

3. Keep Track of your Steps

There are many apps to track your steps. Your smartphone can follow how many steps you take and how far you walk all by itself, that has come in handy because you will always have it on throughout the day, remember to keeping it in your pocket.
You can use the phone health app.

4. Eat the Whole Fruit

When you eat the whole fruit, you send a message to the brain that you are eating and your gut needs to get ready for digestion. You are getting more heart-healthy fiber when you eat the whole fruit.

Drinking juice is not the best way to get your daily dose of fruit because fruit juice contains little fiber. When you eat fiber, you are reducing the risk of heart disease, constipation, and diabetes.
It also helps to feel full for longer also can help to control you are weight. Additional to it there are extra calories if you drink the juice rather than eating your fruits.

5. Be Unconventional – Do not Drink Liquid during Meals

Drink liquid 15 minutes before a meal. Also during meals do not drink water, milk, tea, juice or any fluid, and after 30 minutes waiting time after your meal, you can drink the liquid. Try it you will thank me later.

Liquids during your meals dilute your stomach acids and your naturally occurring digestive enzymes which makes it harder to digest food.

Water excreted faster than solids that’s why if you drink liquid during your breakfast, lunch, or dinner your stomach acid dissipated with that act.

6. Keep a Food Journal

Write down everything that you consume every day. Note if you are driving and eating, watching tv, reading a book or at work write down what kind of snacks you eat between meals. Remember to be health-conscious, be honest with yourself. Examine yourself at the end of the day all the food you eat and ask yourself, is this food healthy?

7. Limit High-fat Foods

If you are a fan of ice cream or eat much candy, try to limit the number of each one you feed. Let’s say you eat 7 of these foods in 7 days, try to go down to six over the next week. So the next week to 5. Replace one by one for more fruits for example apples, blueberries, oranges or red grapes.

8. Couples Workout

You can exercise with your girlfriend, go for a walk to the central park, instead of just walking you can working out together.

9. The Pomodoro Technique

Francesco Cirillo developed a time management method in the late 1980s. He uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally in 25 minutes length, separated by short breaks of 5 minutes. In those 5 minutes, you can exercise, for example, perform chair squats, and burn calories; the result will be weight loss. Every four cycles of 25 minutes you take a long break of 10 to 25 minutes. You will focus more on your work; you will protect your posture, your neck, and your core. You will be more energized to change your others habits.

10. Sleep More

Go to bed early, did you know that your body uses the night sleep hours to detox itself, the body system has specific hours during the night to do particular tasks during your sleeping time. Your body needs 7-9 hours to rest. Is not the same go to bed late at 11:00 pm and wake up at 9 am. Try it. If you go to bed at 7 or 8 pm and wake up early, you will feel the difference. You will lose weight fast.