5 Best Thigh Fat Demolition Exercises

You gain 5-pound weight at the end of the year. You need to know it is not the end of the World. Now at the beginning of this beautiful 2018, you are back on track to your regime of losing weight; you get rid of belly fat, back fat. However, what about the fat between your thighs?

To get the most out of this workout, perform 10-17 repetition of this five various exercises. Do it for 2 to 3 rounds in the first few days. You will feel pain in the thigh zone. Then do it to 4 to 7 rounds to notice results fast.

Let’s start.


1. Lateral Lunge

Start Position: Hands on hips with your feet shoulder-width apart. Stepping to the right and move your body weight over your right leg, you then squat to a 90-degree bend at the right knee keeping your left leg in a straight position, squatting as low as possible and hold in that form for 5 seconds. Go back to the start position, repeat the same exercise with over your left leg.



2. Stability Ball Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge is a lower body workout. It targets the hamstrings, the glutes and is an adequate exercise for all fitness levels.

Lying on your back, face up. With your knees bent to take the medicine ball between your knees, raise the hips up while squeezing your glutes muscles. You then rest on your upper back, remember to keep the body in straight line form.


3. Squat Exercises with Weights

Squat slowly until your hips are parallel to the ground, keeping the dumbbells by your sides. Maintain this form for 5 seconds, then stand up to the start position.  Pull your shoulders back and chest upward.


4. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift 

Bend at the hip in a stiff-legged deadlift form, for balance extend your leg behind with your knee slightly bent. Lower the weight of your choice until you are parallel to the ground. Return to the upward form. Repeat seven times. Rest 7 seconds.


5. Wall Squats – Medicine Ball

Standing by your feet shoulder width apart, face the wall.

Hold the wall ball at your chest, keeping your shoulder straight and your chest up high. Squat and push your butt and hips backward parallel to the floor. Ascend and maintain the ball up towards the wall by extending your arms.

To your health.
Stay Fit and Thrive.