About Me

Welcome to my Health, Fitness & Motivation blog Casthrive.com

My name is Gunti. A few years ago I was overweight. In my college years, I used to play soccer. I was an active person until I found myself with over 200 pounds.

I did not believe it because I was a very athletic person.

I start to analyze why I gain so many pounds. My answer was straightforward. I was depressed. I found a “protection” in eating a lot.

I was in my overweight body like six years. It makes me sad and happy only to remember those years. I did not like myself. I just like unhealthy nasty junk food!

It makes me feel sad because of my body. I couldn’t walk very well I couldn’t breathe very well, not sleeping very well.

It was a nightmare. One day my friends ask me to go on a tour, but do you know what kind of trip? A climbing trip. I laugh at myself.

I say no to my friends. I was the kind of person that always was happy and laughing. I can fill any space with my humor.

I looked myself in the mirror, and my humor was gone.

A few weeks after that I started to watch a motivational video than make me realize, I need to change. I talked to myself. Gunti. You will change once and for all.

I did it. I changed. I was the happiest person in the world.

I lost 75 pounds. I recovered my health. Now I sleep very well, breathe better, appreciating life every day.

Because I change my life, I decided to create this blog to help each person to live a healthy life, sharing with you all the exercises I use.

For me blogging means freedom. You are your boss. You can work wherever you are. Only to think about it makes me happy. 🙂

I think blogging is fantastic.

I can help you to achieve your weight loss journey.

You can contact me. I will reply. Do not forget to share and visit my site often.

Remember you do not need an extreme exercise routine to reach your fitness goals. Baby steps first. You will get there. I will help you.

I hope you enjoy the site, is Yours!!!